Builds of PlebCraft episode 1


Hey everyone!

As our community grows I'd like to finally do something that I've wanted to do for a while and make a video highlighting player builds on the PlebCraft survival world.

Please copy/paste the below format and put as little or as much information in it you want:
Name of build:
Location (x,y,z coordinates):
Description (anything you would like to add or be mentioned in the video):

You may also message me the build details privately here on the forums, or on Discord if you'd prefer to keep the coordinates private (recommended for builds that are unclaimed).

Depending on how many submissions we get, I'd like to try to do this on a monthly or bi-monthly basis- so don't be afraid to submit more than one build!


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this base has no name yet so just q's base
it is at 754 3403 or more simpily on the right of the t spawn of silent forest at the verry back,
this is not the first tree the first one was at point place and was torn down when i moved to silent
i lost all the recorses when doge had put a hit on neyi but was scared and transvered it to me and garfhield killed me with lava after a failed atempt to splash fire res on me by doge so i had to get all the resorces back again

the hole was because i was borde

the end the rest of the tour is for you to descover when you join pleb



Name of build: Doesn't really have an official name yet, but for now it can go by "Trident Dome" or something like that lol

Location (x,y,z coordinates): 2529, x, 11790 (in front of Aquarius' town spawn)

Description (anything you would like to add or be mentioned in the video): The build isn't entirely complete yet, but it's still useable for PvP matches between a few participants. I haven't been consistently working on it so it's been around for a couple months with some changes here and there. This was my first ongoing "project" I started on the server and hopefully it'll be put to use sometime.

Top-side viewFront view


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You can put my spawn house in your video if you want

I don't think I have to bother with the coords cause you literally spent hours covering it with cake. You know the one.


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If you want to include sand that would be cool, it's at about 5000, 3800. Literally nothing in the area is finished except for my fishing area in the back and the sugar cane farm.
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